Steely Dan
Two Against Nature

Giant 2000

1. Gaslighting Abbie 5:53
2. What a Shame About Me 5:17
3. Two Against Nature 6:17
4. Janie Runaway 4:09
5. Almost Gothic 4:09
6. Jack of Speed 6:17
7. Cousin Dupree 5:28
8. Negative Girl 5:34
9. West of Hollywood 8:21

Total time 51:25

Walter Becker-bass, guitar, Donald Fagen-organ, piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, vocals, Tom Barney-bass, Ted Baker-piano, Fender Rhodes, Jon Herington-acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, Paul Jackson Jr.-guitar, Hugh McCracken-guitar, Dean Parks-guitar, Lawrence Feldman-clarinet, tenor saxophone, Amy Helm-whistle, Michael Hitchcock-trumpet, Michael Leonhart-trumpet, conductor, wurlitzer, Lou Marini-alto saxophone, Chris Potter-alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, Jim Pugh-trombone, Roger Rosenberg-bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, David Tofani-saxophone, Keith Carlock-drums, Leroy Clouden-drums, Vinnie Colaiuta-drums, Sonny Emory-drums, Ricky Lawson-drums, Michael White-drums, Gordon Gottlieb-percussion, Will Lee-percussion, Daniel Sadownick-percussion, timbales, David Schenk-vibraphone, Steve Shapiro-vibraphone, Cynthia Calhoun-background vocals, Mike Harvey-background vocals and Carolyn Leonhart-background vocals

Produced by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen

Executive engineer: Roger Nichols, Engineers: Phil Burnett, Per-Christian Nielsen, Johan Edlund, Anthony Gorman, Roger Nichols, Ken Ross, Dave Russell, Jay A. Ryan, Elliot Scheiner, Peta Scriba. Mixing by Roger Nichols and Dave Russell. Mastering by Scott Hull