Lou's Blues
Lou Marini and The Magic City Jazz Orchestra

Chase Music Group 2001

1. Lou's Blues
2. Looking With New Eyes
3. Hip Pickles
4. Odalisk
5. Mr. Clean
6. Song for John
7. Dangerous Cargo
8. Rena/Country

Total time 46:08

Lou Marini-saxophones, Ray Reach-piano,, w
oodwinds:Gary Halliquest, Gary Wheat, Dave Amaral, Neal McClean, Grady Chandler, Daniel Western and Kim Bain, trumpets: John Taylor, Chris Gordon, Graig Konicek, Makr Avent, Daryl Jones and Bo Berry, trombones: Steve Pryor, Edson Worden, Bbo Black, Charles Ard and Jim Moeller, bass Trombone: Mike Lingo, bass: Chris Wendle and Robert Dickerson, guitar:Tom Wolfe and Tim Wallis, drums: Steve Sample and Sonny Harris.Bob Berry-trumpet, Chris Gordon-trumpet, Darryl Jones-trumpet, Dave Amaral-woodwind, Edson Worden-trombone, Jim Moeller-trombone, Jim Wallis-guitar, John Taylor-trumpet, Mike Longo-bass trombone, Neil McLean-woodwind, Robert Dickson-bass, Sonny Harris-drums, Steve Sample-d

Produced by Lou Marini and Ray Reach

Engineered by Eric Bates. Recorded 1999 & 2000 at Bates Brothers Recording, Hueytown, Alabama.